My Atomic Beloved

By Amirali Navaee



Twelve hours before an atomic bomb hits the ground of Tehran, a boy rushes through the house of a girl while remembering their moments together.

Selected by Venice Film Festival


Mohammad Abbasi
Laleh Alavi


Scriptwriter and director: Amirali Navaee
Producer: Janine Dijkmeijer
Producer: Mehdi Mohajer
Music: Javad Safari
Director of Photography: Ruhollah Ansari
Edit: Amirali Navaee

Director’s Biography

Amirali Navaee was born in the summer of 1982 during the Iran-Iraq war which had an impact on his future artworks. influenced by ancient Iranian poets like “Rumi”, alongside art and cinema history, he grew up performing on stage, making dance pieces, movies, and video installations which led to participation in international festivals such as IFFR, Berlin Talent Campus, Venice, Oberhausen, IETM, Body talks Zurich (Etc.) and winning the talent award Intervideo Festival, and best director award on Eastern Breeze Canada, (Etc.). He is developing new cinematic languages to suit the ancient Iranian wisdom as a bridge for international cultural dialogue.


Silence (short film) – 2021 – Director and screenwriter

Sight (short film) – 2009 – Director and screenwriter

As I was Leaving my City (short film) – 2006 – Director and screenwriter