By Abtin Mozafari



A fantasy short film with a critical point of view about the horrible situation in Syria.

Selected by A Rebel Minded Festival, Adana Film Festival, Arte Non Stop Film Festival, Berlin Independent Film Festival, DE, Best Shorts Competition, Brooklyn International Film Festival, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Girona Film Festival, Global Nonviolent Film Festival, KRAF International Short Film Festival, PiGrecoZen FilmFest, Slum Film Festival, Tracce Cinematografiche International Short Film Festival.


Arash Roshan
Allin Joharchi


Scriptwriter, director and producer: Abtin Mozafari
Music and Sound: Javad Safari
VFX Supervisor: Farshid Mousavi
Edit: Puya Dalili

Director’s Biography

Born in 1980, Bachelor of Cinema at Tehran Soureh University Film Director, Animator, Film Editor, Supervisor of Visual Effects, Sound Designer and Script Writer.


Short Film 

The People who (2001) 

  • Nominated in Dubai media city festival 2001 
  • Jury awards Iran Avant-garde Film Festival 2003 

Ctrl+Alt+Del (2002) 

  • Nominated in Tehran Short Film Festival 2003 
  • Nominated in Kish Short Film Festival 2003 
  • Nominated in Iran Avant-garde Film Festival 2003 

Caps Lock (2002) 

Recycle Bin (2004) 

  • Nominated in Tehran Short Film Festival 2005 

All Limits Derestriction (2015) pre-production

Genesis (2017) 


  • Track Title: Milky way – Band: Jam (2002) 
  • Track Title: This City – Band: Hack (2002) 
  • Track Title: Mordab – Band: Sarakhs (2002) 
  • Track Title: An Alien Crashed In – Band: Of Ego (2006) 
  • Track Title: Javani – Band: Ballgard (2007) 
  • Track Title: Give me something – Band: B-Band (2011)

Visual Art Exhibition 

Photo Exhibition – Atbin Gallery (2000) 

Photo Painting Exhibition – Haft Samar Gallery (2001) 

Silk Exhibition – Anahita Gallery (2002) 

Video Installation (200 Items, interactive video, augmented reality and 3D Hologram) – Tehran Holly Defense Museum (War Museum) 

Video Installation Exhibition – Aun Gallery (2012) 

Video Installation Exhibition – Ariana Gallery (2013) 

Video Installation Exhibition –Niavaran Art Center (2014) 

Cooperating and Management 

Cooperating with Arad Commercial Agency (1999-2001) Producing Commercials 

Cooperating with Yellow Triangle Commercial Agency (2001-2003) Producing Commercials 

Cooperating with Dayereh Commercial Agency (2002-2006) Producing Commercials 

Cooperating with Behnegar Film Production (2006-2009) Edit and Produce 2 Biography Documentaries about Reza Kianian and Parviz Kalantari 

Cooperating with Cinema 5 Film Production (2002-2006) Design Title and Arm Stations 

Cooperating with Red Bull (2005-2012) Producing 8 Commercial Documentaries 

Cooperating with Davat Company (2004) Producing Documentaries 

Manager at Young Art Researchers Club Foundation by Hozeh Hanari 

Foundation and Manager at The Cinematic Peyrang Group


Legrand Commercial Movie (2003) 

Paykar Bonyan Movie Commercial (2003) 

Ati Saz Movie Commercial (2004) 

Falegh San’at Movie Commercial (2004) 

4 Episodes of an animation TV series called Speed for IRIB4 (2005) 

Morvarid JonoubMovie Commercial (2006) 

EBA Movie Commercial (2007) 

Kargaryar Series Animations and Infographic (2015)