Crowded Village

By Jean Apa



Adam, an ex-refugee who has been tortured and traumatized in Iran for his beliefs; dedicates his life to endless research for truth. His beliefs and curiosities drive him from Sweden to Germany An endless battle about the human condition.

Selected by San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, Accolade Competition.


Victoria Moralez
Jean Apa
Niki Smith
Hossein Golbacheh


Scriptwriter and director: Jean Apa
Scriptwriter: Hanna Dosenko
Scriptwriter: Hossein Golbacheh
Scriptwriter: Ravinder Sogi
Producer: Jean Apa
Music: Javad Safari
Director of Photography: Mojtaba Bahadori
Director of Photography: Hono
Editor: Jean Apa
Sound: Alec Acevedo
Sound: Sam Shaahin
Sound: Gabriel Pinto Rosales
Sound: Katherine Sultan Erminy

Director’s Biography

Jean was born on a run of freedom somewhere between mountains and he grew up in 3 different countries (Germany, Malaysia, Iran) That might be the reason he does not believe in nationalism. 

He grew up in an artistic environment where Art and Philosophy was the air to breath. He has been on stage since the age of three beside his father who was Director-Playwright and his first acting in front of 35mm camera at the age of sixteen. 

In 2010 during the shooting of a documentary about Homosexuality in Iran he got arrested and tortured for his beliefs and activities… 

After 5 years of artistic silence in Sweden he decided to move to Berlin where he led film workshops for young refugees (age 9-26) and the result was more than 18 short films made by those youngsters that he is proud of. In 2018 he started shooting of his first feature fiction “Crowded Village” in Berlin then continued the journey to Lisbon then Istanbul and finished it in 2022 in Stockholm Sweden where he lives at the moment. 


3×3 (short film) 2018 – Actor
Crowded Village 2022 – Director, Screenwriter, Editor