Crowded Village

By Jean Apa 2022 | DRAMA | SWEDEN, GERMANY | ENGLISH, GERMAN, PERSIAN, SWEDISH Logline Adam, an ex-refugee who has been tortured and traumatized in Iran for his beliefs; dedicates his life to endless research for truth. His beliefs and curiosities drive him from Sweden to Germany An endless battle about the human condition. Selected […]

The Painter

The Painter By Sam Nobakht 2022 | SHORT, DRAMA | SWEDEN | SWEDISH Cast Hasan MosharIrene SkrylFawzi OsmanAli AllababediSina SabetiMehdi Fereydouni Crew Director: Sam NobakhtScriptwriter: Sam NobakhtProducer: Javad SafariMusic Composition: Hesam Sabeti, Navid AfghahDirector of Photography: Mojtaba PanahiEditor: Sam NobakhtSound: Shahram Panahi Filmography You Are Mourning Me But I’m not Dead Yet (short film) – […]

Vi Är Pandemin!

Oskar Karmskog, Javad Safari, Robin Trolin ,Moa Nyberg Waller 2022 | DOCUMENTARY, SHORT | SWEDEN | SWEDISH Logline This is an essay documentary about the pandemic situation in 2020/2021 in Sweden/Stockholm. Selected by Tempo Documentary Festival Cast Crew Scriptwriters and directors and producers: Oskar Karmskog, Javad Safari, Robin Trolin and Moa Nyberg Waller Music: Javad […]

You Are Mourning Me But I’m not Dead Yet

By Sam Nobakht 2021 | SHORT, DRAMA | SWEDEN | SWEDISH Cast Romina Houshmand Pone Hakimi Sara Sadeghi Melissa Amo Mohammadian Crew Director: Sam Nobakht Producer: Javad Safari, Filipi Farizandi Music: The Orchestra of Latvian National Opera Director of Photography: Sahar Amini Editor: Sam Nobakht 1ST AD: Somita Sabeti Sound: Sam Nobakht Filmography The Painter (short […]

Not Being

By Pooya Razi 2019| SHORT, DRAMA | IRAN | PERSIAN Logline In the past few years in Iran, sociopolitical circumstances have increased the level of emigration, making departures and separation a routine. This film recounts the feelings of a person who stays behind. Selected by Tehran International Short Film Festival, Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. […]


By Abtin Mozafari 2017 | ANIMATION, SHORT, DRAMA, FANTASY | IRAN | PERSIAN Logline A fantasy short film with a critical point of view about the horrible situation in Syria. Selected by A Rebel Minded Festival, Adana Film Festival, Arte Non Stop Film Festival, Berlin Independent Film Festival, DE, Best Shorts Competition, Brooklyn International Film […]

The Noise

By Pooya Razi 2015 | ANIMATION, SHORT, DRAMA | IRAN | PERSIAN Logline A young man’s life in an apartment building gets invaded by public norms after a neighbour accuses him of leading an immoral lifestyle and demands that other residents intervene. Using real documented audio footage, the film explores the line between individual privacy […]

A Man Who Ate His Cherries

By Payman Haghani 2009 | DRAMA | IRAN | PERSIAN Logline Reza, an ordinary factory worker, must return his wife’s dowry when they get a divorce. Because of problems in their marriage, his wife Zari is seeking one. After doing everything he can to try to scrounge up the money, he must make a final […]

My Atomic Beloved

By Amirali Navaee 2007 | DRAMA | IRAN | PERSIAN Logline Twelve hours before an atomic bomb hits the ground of Tehran, a boy rushes through the house of a girl while remembering their moments together. Selected by Venice Film Festival Cast Mohammad Abbasi Laleh Alavi Crew Scriptwriter and director: Amirali Navaee Producer: Janine Dijkmeijer […]